Thursday, June 3, 2010

Support Ways to Empower Children and Teens!

Support Ways to Empower Children and Teens:

On Friday night, eight 7th graders will step up to the lectern and give a speech, in their first speech contest. Now, you need to understand that speaking in front of people is on the "most feared experience list" for thousands of adults. Yet, these young pre-teens, and others in their Leadership Class, have committed themselves to a program run by a local Toastmaster. They are not only confronting their fears, they are learning speaking skills that will help them throughout their entire lives. I am fairly new to the Toastmaster program, but I jumped at the chance to be a judge at this contest. It takes a community of support to empower children and teens. Whenever I have an opportunity to help with that, you can count me in. I have often worked with teens, helping to teach them life skills and give them a place where they can find unconditional support. Speaking is certainly a life skill, and using my newly acquired Toastmaster judging skills, I am committed to support this program Friday night and in the future 100%. This is yet another "Stepping Stone" to empowerment for all.

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