Monday, December 22, 2008

Recording a New Children's CD

In November I finished recording my new children's CD,Sunshine is Love, at Lakeview Recording Studio. Laughter and fun sums up my experience of writing and singing these songs, and I have enjoyed the production of this CD immensely.  Surrounded by various experts in their fields, I have learned and grown as a singer/songwriter while watching my lyrics and melodies magically blossom.  

With Brian Jensen’s insight, expertise, and counsel my lyrics and melodies were brought to life.  Then, with his creative arrangements they took flight. Add to that the wonderful studio musicians who lent their positive spirit and many talents as they filled the studio with their angelic sounds.  With Brian conducting, they soared to the peaceful land of childhood dreams and joyful wishes.  Steve Lerud was a miracle-worker in the Lakeview Recording studio.  Ever watchful, jovial, and encouraging, his confident presence at the engineering station was an anchor.  His ideas and suggestions were always insightful and helpful.  Catching the bright, whimsical nature of my songs, Barry Hansen designed the delightful cover.  Greg Hansen’s good will, enthusiasm, and encouragement enveloped the project from the beginning.  With positive words, his kindness and support could be felt everywhere.  Sharing his vast knowledge of the music business comes so naturally to Greg.   Thank you!


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